line line [laɪn] noun [countable]
1. also product line MARKETING a type of product that a company makes or sells, often with several different sizes, models etc; = RANGE:

• It continues to get about two-thirds of its revenue from this one product, despite repeated efforts to diversify its product line (= develop new products ) .

• Hasbro, the maker of the G.I. Joe line of dolls

a complete range of products, with a product for each type of use or user:

• They designed a full line of heaters, from floorstanding to wall-mounted.

2. MANUFACTURING a team of people who work together, each doing a different job but working to achieve the same thing
US /laɪn/ noun [C]
COMMERCE a range of similar products: »

There are discounts on many items from our older lines.


As with other books in this publisher's line, this one is written for a popular audience.


I showed them all our new product lines.

line of sth »

The company's spring line of handbags is wonderful.

lines of bonds/stocks/shares »

The state is selling three lines of bonds.

PRODUCTION a system of making goods in which a worker repeatedly does the same tasks on every item and then passes it to the next worker: »

The first year they had me on the line putting wheels on Cadillacs.

assembly/processing/production line »

Eight additional production lines were installed in the town's only factory.


a line foreman/supervisor

COMMUNICATIONS a connection to a telephone or data system: »

I'm afraid your phone line has been disconnected.


The company's first fibre-optic lines were installed in 1998.


Keep the lines open in case the boss calls with a final decision.

on the line »

Mike Saunders is on the line for you.

a connection to a public service for water, liquid waste, or electricity: »

Power transmission lines were out for three weeks after the hurricane.


Interference from the electric lines caused the equipment to malfunction.


Construction workers installed a water line where Walnut Avenue and First Street intersect.

a series of people that follow each other in time: »

He comes from a long line of entrepreneurs.

a series of people in order of importance: the first/second, etc. in line »

He is second in line to take over the company.

someone's job, industry, or area of activity: »

""What line of work are you in?"" ""I'm a professor.""


You meet some very interesting people in my line of business.

BANKING a way of getting money: line of credit/revenue »

Your bank can raise your line of credit if you have a good payment history.

a group of people or things arranged in a row: march/stand/wait in line »

If you don't like standing in line, do your part to make sure you're an efficient customer.

TRANSPORT a company that transports people or goods: a railway/shipping line »

The shipping line carried fewer containers last year

bring sth into line (with sth) — Cf. bring sth into line with sth
come/get/fall into line — Cf. get/fall into line
in the firing line — Cf. in the firing line
get sb in line — Cf. get sb in line
hold the line — Cf. hold the line
in line for sth — Cf. in line for sth
in line to do sth — Cf. in line to do sth
in line with sth — Cf. in line with sth
on the line — Cf. on the line
toe the line — Cf. toe the line
See also AIRLINE(Cf. ↑airline), ASSEMBLY LINE(Cf. ↑assembly line), BOTTOM LINE(Cf. ↑bottom line), CREDIT LINE(Cf. ↑credit line), FIXED-LINE(Cf. ↑fixed-line), FULL LINE(Cf. ↑full line), HELPLINE(Cf. ↑helpline), LANDLINE(Cf. ↑landline), OFFLINE(Cf. ↑offline), ONLINE(Cf. ↑online) adverb, PRODUCTION LINE(Cf. ↑production line), WIRELINE(Cf. ↑wireline)
line UK US /laɪn/ verb [T]
line sb's pockets — Cf. line sb's pockets

Financial and business terms. 2012.

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